What to expect from a one to one consultation with a dietitian.

It is important that the dietitian has the most up to date medical information to help them assess and advise accordingly.

If your child has been referred via a Paediatrician then they may have provided this information in the initial referral letter. If there is any information that the dietitian needs to clarify prior to the consultation, then they will discuss this with you, they may need to contact your child’s GP or consultant prior to the appointment.

This is especially important if they have recently been diagnosed with a long term condition, where the dietary intervention may differ depending on the exact nature of the diagnosis.

Having obtained this background information, the dietitian will discuss the aims of treatment and will collect all relevant information to enable them to complete and thorough assessment.

For almost all children it is appropriate to measure their weight and height to help assess their growth and monitor the impact of any advice and intervention. The measurements will be plotted on an appropriate UK growth chart and the results interpreted and explained clearly.

New Start Nutrition Ltd uses appropriate equipment to obtain these measurements and complies with the specified EU legislation relating to weight measurement for medical purposes.

Advice will be tailored to your child’s own individual circumstances, with goals set in discussion with you. There will be the opportunity to discuss any concerns and questions you may have. In most occasions written information will be left with the family to help support the verbal advice provided during the appointment.

For some it will be recommended that they consider arranging a review appointment to help monitor their progress and address any issues that have arisen following the implementation of initial dietetic advice.

For other children it may be appropriate, following the initial advice, to request their GP make an onward referral to an NHS dietetic service.

For all initial appointment a report will be prepared and sent, with the family’s consent, to the referrer, their GP and any other key medical professionals that are identified.